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Lorraine Dyer, Marriage Celebrant 
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Your Ceremony & Celebrations

Your Ceremony

Weddings are an incredibly intimate and personal time, so I do your wedding your way. I take into consideration all of your needs and incorporate the minor details that say so much about you and your relationship. I provide a sophisticated PA system that allows your wedding party to engage in your ceremony by hearing each important word and music that translates your love. Once you are joined together as husband and wife, I leave you with a treasured momento of your vows, readings and important words to last a lifetime. I know that no two couples and families are alike, so I treat each wedding ceremony with the respect and attention it deserves. Your ceremony is about you, your beliefs, your traditions and your dreams for the future. As your celebrant, I echo this and do all that I can to make your day perfect for you.

Wedding ceremonies

For your special day, I come to you. I travel throughout Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast and down to the border, to help you celebrate your wedding day. Together, we design a ceremony that is exactly how you want it to be. Your vows are at the heart of the ceremony; expressing how you feel for the one you love. Whether you want to choose from my portfolio, create your own, or need my help, your vows will stay with you both forever. I take into consideration you and your families’ unique customs and beliefs, incorporating rituals, helping you create a wedding that is a celebration of your new extended family and the love you share.
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Renewing of vows

For married couples wishing to affirm their commitment to each other, I offer my services to help you renew your vows. Reflecting on your achievements and acknowledging your relationship’s journey at a key time in your married lives. A re-affirmation ceremony may be an opportunity to confirm your love and commitment after a particularly difficult time or illness. Couples who marry abroad may choose to re-affirm their marriage vows here in the company of family and friends. Any couple can celebrate the renewing of vows, from newlyweds to diamond celebrations. My selection of words for the ceremony is designed to suit all circumstances and be flexible to your needs. 

Naming ceremonies

Recognising the unity of your love in your beautiful baby boy or girl (or both if you have twins!), Naming Ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to celebrate your child’s place in the family and the community. 

Whether part of a traditional or blended family, naming ceremonies welcome family members into the extended family unit. I work with you to ensure your naming ceremony incorporates your unique culture, gestures, religious beliefs, preferences and your family’s traditions.
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Commitment ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies cater for same-sex couples to make a public declaration of their life-long love, commitment and dedication. 

I wish for the moment when I can legally celebrate the marriage between same-sex couples, and am positive that this will be possible in the future as it is in other countries.
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Rite of Passage Ceremony

During ‘Rites of Passage’ Ceremonies I am able to help you and your family celebrate the life of a loved one passed on and in a way that is special to only you. 

Taking into consideration your family’s needs, religious gestures, cultures and preferences, I create a ceremony to remember and reflect on the life of a loved one. I’m able to assist in creating words and schedules for the ceremony, as well as leading it in the way you want and the way they would want to be remembered. 
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